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Don’t let your missing teeth hold you back! If you’re ready to regain your strong bite and beautiful smile, call Dental Images of Oklahoma City at 405-395-2283 for a dentures consultation!

Whether you want to replace multiple adjacent missing teeth or a whole new set of pearly whites, we have you covered at our Oklahoma City, OK dentist office!

With the help of our professional team, Dr. Layton has restored countless smiles over nearly three decades. By replacing your chompers with our custom dentures, you can look forward to:

  • Eating whatever you like, including juicy steak, crisp corn on the cob, and other difficult-to-chew foods
  • Smiling wide for the camera
  • Receiving compliments on your appearance from friends and loved ones
  • Maintaining your youthful look
  • Speaking clearly again


Improve Your Quality Of Life With Our Dentures Options


To suit your specific needs, we offer a few different styles of dentures. We will thoroughly assess your situation and discuss your particular goals with you so you can make an informed decision. Regardless of which style of dentures you get, your replacement teeth will look and function great, blending in seamlessly with your smile.

If you would like to fill the gaps left in your smile by multiple missing teeth, we can provide a partial denture that stays in place with the help of your surrounding teeth.

Or perhaps you are missing most or all of your teeth, in which case we can offer full dentures to restore all your chompers in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both if you’d like a full-mouth reconstruction! These replacement teeth will use suction and strong denture adhesives to stay comfortably in place.

For the ultimate sturdy hold, we can also provide dental implant dentures in both full and partial varieties! Because dental implants literally fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration, they provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth. They also offer many advantages compared to other options because dental implants:

  • Provide much of the chewing power of your natural teeth
  • Prevent jawbone deterioration, helping you maintain a youthful look
  • Can last a lifetime with regular dental cleanings and exams, brushing, and flossing
  • Look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth
  • May not require any preparation of your still-healthy surrounding teeth

No matter which type of denture you get, we will use our extensive experience to create excellent replacement teeth that will be almost indistinguishable from your natural pearly whites!

If you still have some of your teeth but would like to start fresh with a full set of dentures, we can also perform gentle extractions to make room for your new teeth.


Experience The Precision Of Advanced Dental Technology


To ensure your replacement teeth fit your mouth comfortably and precisely, we use some of the most state-of-the-art dental technology available at our Oklahoma City, OK dental office. Here are some of the cutting-edge tools we use to plan and design your dentures:

  • Digital cameras for clear, close-up images of the inside of your mouth
  • Digital X-rays so we can get a comprehensive view of your mouth and jaw with a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-ray methods
  • Display monitors in every care room so we can show you exactly what we are talking about when discussing your current situation and planned treatment


Compared to other assessment methods, these top-notch dental technologies also result in a more pleasant and comfortable experience for our patients.


Relax With Comfort Options And Dental Sedation


When you visit Dental Images of Oklahoma City, our caring team will do all we can to make you comfortable from the moment you arrive. We will work at your pace and listen to your particular concerns and goals to provide the most patient-centered experience possible.

To make your experience as calming as possible, we provide various amenities, including:

  • Warm, soft blankets
  • Wi-Fi
  • TVs in every care room to entertain and distract you while we restore your smile

If there’s any chance of discomfort during a treatment, we will numb your mouth with an anesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. We can also take the stress out of the equation by relieving your dental anxiety with nitrous oxide dental sedation (more commonly known as “laughing gas”).

Don’t wait to replace your teeth – call Dental Images of Oklahoma City at 405-395-2283 to schedule a dentures consultation. You can also use our online form.


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