4 Reasons You’ll Love Dental Implants

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The holidays are over, and everyone’s looking forward to the new year. They’re figuring out what positive changes they need to make to live their happiest and healthiest lives in 2018. If you’re missing teeth, there’s no better way to improve your quality of life than filling in your smile gaps with dental implants.

More than 3 million Americans have already realized the benefits of dental implants, which allow you to replace the roots of missing teeth for a prosthetic that’s reliable and life-like. In fact, if you’re missing a single tooth, a dental implant restored with a dental crown is as close as you can get to a brand new tooth!

At Dental Images of Oklahoma City, we work with a trusted oral surgeon to ensure placement of your dental implants is both comfortable and precise. Then, our Oklahoma City, OK office will attach custom-made replacement teeth to your dental implants. They’ll blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile, so you’ll feel great showing them off.

Read on for four reasons you’ll love dental implants. Then, give us a call at 405-395-2283 to schedule a consultation.


1. Dental Implants Look And Feel Like Natural Teeth.


When you lose a tooth, you lose both the tooth root and the crown. The tooth root is the bony bottom portion of the tooth, which is what connects your tooth to your jaw bone. The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible above a healthy gum line. So, if you were to think of the best way to replace a missing tooth, you’d want to replace both the root and the crown, right?

Well, that’s what dental implants allow you to do. Dental implants are small posts made of titanium or other biocompatible metal that act as artificial tooth roots. When you have a dental implant placed, the artificial tooth root is inserted into the jaw bone, where the healthy tooth root use to be.

In time, your jaw bone fuses to the dental implant, just as it would connect to a natural tooth root. Your dental implant is topped with an artificial tooth (a dental crown) or set of artificial teeth (a dental bridge or a removable denture) to fit your needs.

Essentially, the same mechanism that your body uses to hold a healthy tooth in place is the same it uses to secure your restored dental implant. There are no clasps or adhesives needed to hold your artificial tooth in place, so no one will ever be able to tell that you have a prosthetic to begin with.


2. You’ll Experience Restored Dental Function And Confidence.


Think about the last time you enjoyed a steak or corn on the cob. If you’re missing teeth, it’s most likely been a while. Having gaps in your smile interferes with your ability to chew properly or without any pain.

But having dental implants can restore up to 90 percent of the bite force of your natural teeth! Not only will you be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again, but you’ll be able to do so without fear of your prosthetic coming unclasped or dislodged.

You might also find that replacing missing teeth makes it easier to speak, and you’ll feel more confident about your smile.


3. Maintain Bone Health And A Youthful Appearance.


Have you ever seen a long-time denture wearer whose face has assumed a sunken appearance?

This is a phenomenon that’s fairly common among denture wearers. When you have a dental prosthetic that simply rests on your gums, your jaw bone no longer supports a tooth root. As a result, it loses mass. Deterioration of your jaw bone affects the shape of your face, which is why long-term denture wearers often lose the full, youthful appearance of their face.

Luckily, this can be avoided with dental implants. Because dental implants provide the jaw bone with a “tooth root” to support, the jaw bone is more likely to maintain its density.


4. Dental Implants Are A Long-Term Investment In Your Dental Health.


The decision to get dental implants can be a major one, but it’s one that will benefit your health for years to come. Caring for your dental implants is easy; you simply brush and floss your teeth as you would real teeth. And when you properly care for your dental implants, they can last you a lifetime!

If you’re ready to take the first step toward an improved quality of life with dental implants, call Dental Images of Oklahoma City at 405-395-2283! We’ll discuss the dental implant procedure more in depth with you and answer any questions you might have. You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form.



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