Brush Up On The Proper Flossing Technique! [VIDEO]

Be sure to add dental floss to your Black Friday shopping list! That’s because the day after Thanksgiving is also National Flossing Day, and our team at Dental Images in Oklahoma City wants to help you celebrate! Check out this American Dental Association video that shows you the proper way to floss, and let it inspire your daily oral ...

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What Do You Know About Oral Hygiene? [QUIZ]

In the fight against gum disease, it’s important to remain vigilant every single day with brushing, flossing, and other healthy dental habits. Our team at Dental Images is here to help! You can start by taking today’s quiz to see how much you know about oral hygiene and other ways to keep your mouth healthy. Then you can schedule your ...

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See The Blessing Of A Healthy Smile [PHOTO]

November is a time when we remind ourselves about our many blessings, and our team at Dental Images wants to make sure a healthy smile is among yours list of things to be thankful for this year. Today’s before and after photo is just one example of how we help patients get a bright, beautiful, and healthy smile with our various cosmetic and ...

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A Nostalgic Throwback About Healthy Halloween Teeth! [VIDEO]

Isn’t it fun to think back to the carefree days of childhood this time of year? Remember the costumes, the parties, and of course, the Halloween candy! Today, our team at Dental Images of Oklahoma City wants to share a retro PSA from the American Dental Association about keeping your family’s teeth healthy this Halloween. Enjoy this ...

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Teeth-Friendly Halloween Treats

Whether that fall nip is in the air or not, Halloween is coming. That means tons of Ninja turtles, cowboys, and princesses who will be eagerly collecting those Halloween treats at your front door. Mostly likely your children will be among those amassing a candy stash. If so, don’t despair about the impact of candy on your children’s teeth. Dr. ...

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Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? (Infographic)

It’s October, a month when seeing vampires and zombies doesn’t even make you blink. Still, you may feel more than a little scared if you need root canal therapy. You really shouldn’t, though, as our Oklahoma City, OK dentist uses the latest treatment techniques. You can also get dental sedation if you need it. Check out our infographic ...

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Make Sure You Maximize Dental Insurance Benefits

You’re used to seeing “use by” dates on milk cartons and other food containers. You won’t see one for dental insurance. But the same principle applies. You’ve got a limited amount of time to use it. Most dental insurance plans cap the amount of benefits you can receive in a single year. The amount is often somewhere in the range of ...

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Protect Your Athletes With Custom Mouthguards (Video)

If you’re a parent, you worry about a lot of stuff. With fall sports season seriously under way, you’re no doubt concerned about athletic injuries. Your kid may already have a mouthguard. But does he leave it on the sidelines more often than he wears it because he doesn’t like how it fits? That’s not an uncommon experience. Let Dr. ...

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Dental Implants Dentures Offer Many Benefits (Infographic)

Dentures are a reliable tooth replacement, but they do have disadvantages. Since they sit on top of your gums, you may need adhesive to keep them in place. They can sometimes become dislodged while you’re eating. But you can forget about adhesive and slipping dentures with dental implants dentures. Since dental implants are embedded in your ...

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Dental Crown Is Hardest Working Restoration in Dentistry (Video)

A dental crown is the hardest working restoration in dentistry. It can repair many kinds of dental damage – even a missing tooth, when it’s attached to a dental implant. Some of the situations in which Dr. Kevin Layton uses a dental crown: To mend a broken or cracked tooth To repair a severely decayed tooth Following a root ...

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