Learn More About Dental Veneers! [VIDEO]

To get a glamorous smile you might see from a celebrity, many dentists turn to dental veneers. These are wonders of modern dentistry for all they can do to radically transform your smile! We rely on veneers at Dental Images of Oklahoma City all the time to mask multiple flaws and to help patients get their dream smile. Here’s a quick ...

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Can I Benefit From Dental Sedation? [QUIZ]

For our team at Dental Images in Oklahoma City, OK, it’s always so rewarding to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist. That’s because we know it means that person will finally manage to stay on top of their oral health for the rest of their lives. We can do the same for you with help from our dental sedation! Take ...

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See The Teeth Whitening Difference [PHOTO]

Even the healthiest teeth aren’t immune to stains and discoloration. In fact, teeth whitening treatment is the most commonly requested cosmetic dental treatment there is, and you can find it in Oklahoma City! At Dental Images, we love to see the difference in how patients look and feel after we’ve brightened their smiles! Today’s ...

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Get an Extra Edge Against Tooth Decay With Dental Sealants (video)

You’ve probably had someone try to sell you undercoating for your car. It's supposed to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Before you hand over your credit card, you should know many mechanics say it’s not needed because auto manufacturers make their products rust resistant anyway. Your teeth are different, though! They’re ...

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Revive Your Smile With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Spring is the time when the Earth revives itself. Brown ground turns green. Bare branches fill with leaves, buds, and flowers. Our moods begin to lighten along with the landscape. Many people take the opportunity to change their looks too, with a new haircut, a fresh tan, or a colorful pedicure. Why not make your smile part of your makeover ...

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Protect Your Teeth With a Sports Mouthguard (video)

Athletic cup, check. Elbow or knee pads, check. Helmet, check. If you’re gearing up for your favorite athletic activity, don’t forget a sports mouthguard. According to an article in Journal of the American Dental Association, at least 13 percent of all dental injuries are related to sports. If you or your child plays sports, let Dr. Kevin ...

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Should You Get Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment? (quiz)

If you want a straight smile but can’t stomach the idea of a mouthful of metal, Invisalign orthodontic treatment may be for you! Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign straightens your smile with clear plastic aligners instead of metal and wires. The aligners are so discreet, chances are no one will even know you are working on your ...

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Fight Plaque For A Healthy Smile [VIDEO]

Dental plaque is the enemy of a healthy smile — but what is it, exactly? It’s a sticky film of bacterial buildup that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Take a look at this video from the American Dental Association to learn more about dental plaque. Then, if you’re due for a routine dental exam and cleaning, come visit the team at ...

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What To Expect During Your First Appointment [INFOGRAPHIC]

In addition to brushing and flossing, there’s one other thing that’s fundamental to a healthy smile: routine dental checkups and cleanings. Visiting the dentist once every six months or so allows us to better detect the early stages of dental complications so we can repair the damage before it gets worse. At Dental Images of Oklahoma City, ...

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Wow! Check Out This Dental Transformation [PHOTO]

At Dental Images of Oklahoma City, we believe that everyone can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. And we’re passionate about helping patients get the smiles they’ve always dreamed of! We offer a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments to improve your oral health and appearance. Check out this amazing transformation from one of ...

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